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Dave took me yakking for stripers and blues

Started by Okanagan, May 15, 2017, 11:43:08 AM

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Dave took me kayak fishing for stripers and blues while my wife and I visited our daughter in Pennsylvania.  WOW!  I hooked and played and lost one of each but Dave put on a clinic in how to catch both stripers and blues.  The photo above is of his smallest one. 

The Hobie kayaks are terrific fishing platforms, using pedal power to move while keeping hands free to handle fishing gear.  Salt water estuary or river or something like that with considerable tide flow.

Got to meet Dante.  That young man has muscled up and looks like a Marine.  What a fine and gracious family, and Dave's wife even sent some asparagus they grew to my wife, who loves it.  Great time and brought home a good fish recipe.


 :alscalls:  I was there - 2 stripers and 2 blues wasn't much of a clinic, but thanks for the post.
It was a windy day, so we had to fish a more protected area to stay off bigger water.  Doesn't look it, but by the time the above pic was taken the wind was laying down a bit.  We ended up fishing a good bit around those bridge pilings.  That's were Clyde hooked into his bluefish.  Had it all played out and then got blown under one of the "H's" of the bridge support and the fish came unbuttoned as Clyde was more concerned with protecting the loaned fishing gear.    :high clap:   That was a test, and you got an A+
Anyway, I had a blast and it was a great day on the water - glad you were able to break away for the day. 


VERY nice! :eyebrownod:
Dave an Dante are the saltwater masters it seems :bowingsmilie:

As far as I'm concerned the Hobie is the Cadillac of all yaks. A little rich for my blood, so I just relish in the posts :eyebrownod:
I love the fluke. What is that a 6 incher? We'de have to move that hook down into the body here or it'd be a weed catcher lol

Great post guys, thanks for sharing your trip.
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 Look at the forked tail on those blue fish, they are built for speed!