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Take me Fishing!!

Started by Dave, April 29, 2018, 07:06:45 AM

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Been feeling down waiting for some decent fishing reports out of Jersey

- I REALLY wanted to go fishing - bad!

Finally some fish started showing up and some of the charter fishing boats were reporting catches in areas accessible to yaks.
After some frenzied texting with my nephew we decided Saturday morning we'd hit it (combination of a moving tide around first light and no wind).
After a 1-1/2 hour drive we were there at first light.
      -and so was everyone else.
Got the yaks set up and wheeled them to the edge of the bay (only 150 yards away). The water was flat and we slipped in and lost sight of the beach in under 200 yards.  The fog was heavy.  Daniel had a fish finder which was VERY useful in keeping track of our location with respect to the shoreline. You can get turned around real quick with nothing visible to reference.  That and a moving tide!
Didn't take long before the first fish was on.  You can see how limited out visibility is in this pic.

Perfect - 28", the minimum size for a keeper! - I bled it out, threw it in a trash bag and Dan stuffed it in the front hatch of my yak!  I was limited out.  I caught about a dozen just trolling up and down the shoreline about a 1/4 mile off the beach.  They ranged in size from 22"-32".  I was using an SP minnow (you can see in the above pic) for most of my action.
Also caught one on a swimming plug as seen below.

Daniel did a little better with about 20 total - some trolling and then most jigging a smaller shad.  His fish ranged from 12"-34"

There were some better fish around.  Here's a pic of a 39"er that was probably 23-25 pounds

And here's a short video I took - hopefully it posts OK


WTG!!!   :highclap:  Great stuff!

I am SOOO envious and wish I could fish there with you again. 

Todd Rahm

Nice!!! So is the limit just like one  a day over 28"?


Dang that looked like a great day.
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Quote from: Todd Rahm on April 29, 2018, 09:15:50 AM
Nice!!! So is the limit just like one  a day over 28"?
Actually allowed two fish.  One between 28 to 43 inches and then a second better than 43". 
I'm actually bringing my wife along tomorrow morning and sneak in a few hours right at daybreak (need to strike while the iron's hot).  Hopefully they're still around in numbers and she can get into a few.
I'll post the catch!
Clyde - let me know if you're out this way.