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Got into a bunch of salmon

Started by Okanagan, July 11, 2021, 05:21:35 PM

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Two cousins invited me to fish with them day before yesterday and we hit the best day I've had in several years.  We landed 11, all Chinooks, and kept a boat limit of six fish.  I took home a 14 and a 17 lb.  I landed five fish, plus lost two at the net so got the full fight from 7 salmon, a very good day, and all three of us played and landed several fish.  I had more bites that day than I've had in the past two years total.

We can only keep fish with a clipped adipose fin, which indicates that they are a hatchery fish rather than a wild spawned salmon.  They are very active, strong, and fight hard. 

We got a few bites steadily from daylight till about noon, moved several times, saw maybe 3 or 4 fish caught by some of the other 150 boats in our area, and I think had two fish in the boat when we moved to one last spot before going in.  We hit them right on the nose, got a double hook up right away, fish after fish.  By then the fleet had scattered and a few trollers were the only boats near us.  We were jigging, and we think that the trollers were pulling baits above the fish to keep from snagging bottom, while we dropped it right down in front of their noses.

One time I could see my jig on the depth finder, not real common given tide currents, and saw a fish put his nose right up to my jig on the screen-- bam, hooked him!  First time I've ever seen a fish on the depth finder screen and hooked him that way.  It was in 62 feet of water.   I suppose that is common in fresh water fishing, to see a specific fish under the boat in relatively shallow water and hook him.   

Fun fishing and good eats.

Hawks Feather

Sounds like a great time and fresh salmon is delicious.


Yes sounds like a awesome day. I love fresh Salmon. THATS THE ONLY thing I miss from living in the city by Lake Michigan

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