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Sharing some pictures with you guys

Started by onecoyote, July 20, 2009, 11:03:37 PM

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These pictures were taken down in southern New Mexico where I used to live. I was 60+ years old at the time, so that's living proof that the old school ways still work...lol. Enjoy the pics.


Nice pics!

And hey!  60+ years old ain't old!   :nono:   


I'm 66 and that ain't young lol.......but your right, it is not that old.


I'll bet those coyotes down in southern New Mexico, the ones that you left, were certainly glad to see you move!  :laf:
It looks like you let the air out of a good bunch of them. :highclap:

Please visit our ol' buddies over at: http://www.easterncoyotes.com

Born and raised in the southern highlands of Appalachia, I'm just an ol' country boy who enjoys calling coyotes... nothing more, nothing less.


 :yoyo: :yoyo: Cool pics......Why is the E-caller on your head in that one pic? Is that Old school??  :laf: :laf:
Thanks for sharring those with us. :wink:


You know it's been a good day when you have to use a camper to keep the coyotes from rolling off the sides.  :highclap:
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Carolina Coyote

Some great pictures from back in the Old Days of 2005  :laf: :laf: doesn't matter if you used E-calls or not, still very impressive number of yotes, could you share a little of your Technique's with us. cc  :congrats: :congrats:


Very nice pictures of some good chicken thieves One.  Did you put some of them up for fur as well? 
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Carolina Coyote, I would be very happy to share my techniques but I don't think they would work back east like it does out west. Hard to explain but we have so much open space out here with hundreds of miles to call in, mostly sage brush country.

Pitw, I have saved pelts before but thats not on the top of my list of things to do. The last few years western bobcats have been bringing BIG bucks, maybe $400 plus a cat and over a $ 1000 in some cases. We have a trapper in Fallon Nevada that takes over 300 cats a season, now thats alot of money.

Bopeye, thats one of the reasons our club had a tail as a proff of kill. How would you like to have 25 or 30 bloody nasty smelling coyotes in the back of your truck lol. When I was in NM it was full body as the pics show.

Aww the old Fox Pro on my head trick. I was in a contest that FoxPro puts on every year. To show you killed the coyotes for the contest you had to hold the foxPro over your head and take a picture. Lots of people in that contest, it was fun. The contest lasted about 4 months but I only hunted in it for about a month and had 27 coyotes so I stopped  and came in 3rd place anyways lol, it was fun.

I really hope you all enjoy the pics, if you wish I have a few more I can post but not all of animals or tails.


We love pics....bring em on anytime!....... :yoyo: :yoyo: :yoyo:


Great stuff, One Coyote. Thanks for sharing great memories from your life with us. :congrats: :congrats:
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Cool deal Onecoyote!! And about those other pics,,,  :wo:  HECK YEAH WE WANNA SEE EM!!!!  :yoyo:

I wouldn't mind reading about your techniques either if you ever decide to do a write up on here. I'm in Ohio but I think a coyote is a coyote & there just might be something in your way of doing things to help me.   :wink:

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HaMeR, OK I'll give it a try. 
I always try to keep it simple calling predators. First off I'm greedy when it comes to coyotes, I like killing lots of them. I think trying to think like a coyote helps alot. How and where you make your stand is very important.

I hunt the wide open spaces of the west, in an area that has good numbers, I make as many stands in a day as I can and drive a mile or less to the next stand.  25 stands a day is good.

Time on a stand is very important. If you make long stands your wasting time. They had a survay years ago on how fast the average coyote responds to a call.....5 to 10 minutes was average. Your calling well go a mile or better and a coyote can cover that in less then 10 minutes. Aprox 10 to 12 minutes is all you want to stay on a stand. The more stands you can make the better your odds. Those who make 45 minute stands more power to you.

Don't walk far to make a stand, usually less then 100 yards well work. If you use an e-caller Always try to put your caller in the open so the animal has to come out in the open.

I like watching the downwind side  most times because I know the coyotes are usually headed that way, some people like watching upwind, to me thats ok if your deer or elk hunting. In my opinion you'll see more paying attention to the downwind direction.
If you can hunt at night, thats the best time because predators are more active at night. Use red lights, amber works at longer ranges. Stay away from white, green, blues etc. You don't need a million CP, way to much light.

Scent control is a joke if your calling coyotes. When you hear all the experts on tv or read about it in a magazine, the are trying to sell you something.

Ok there ya go....... I'll have some folks disagree and thats ok, I respect everyones opinion. We all do it our own way, what works for me may not work for you.  Good hunting and God bless.


Sounds good to me!!  With your years of experience you know what you are talking about.  Thanks for the tips!!

You can't kill 'em from the recliner!!


Thanks, but you're giving me a swelled head. It's true that it's hard to be experienced in the field but all my experience comes from the West and Southwest. Some of that experience would probably work back East and I'm hoping that some of the things I have said would be tried out. Only way to find out is do it.
I am not a writer nor do I promote any product, I only promote the sport of predator calling. These forums let me help out who ever needs it and that is my reward. I hope everyone can understand what I am trying to say. For 45 years I have taken from the sport, the last few years I have been trying to give back.
Good Hunting


I appreciate your efforts. Always glad to hear about other methods and how they apply to their areas.  Any stories you have pertaining to any of the guys you rubbed elbows with will be of interest. :yoyo: :highclap:
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Quote from: onecoyote on July 21, 2009, 04:18:14 PM
HaMeR, OK I'll give it a try. 
I always try to keep it simple calling predators. First off I'm greedy when it comes to coyotes, I like killing lots of them. I think trying to think like a coyote helps alot. How and where you make your stand is very important.

Onecoyote:  I find it especially interesting your comment about trying to think like a coyote helps a lot, and how and where you make your stand is very important.

A late friend of mine, Clay Smith, was one of the best trappers in central Ky..  He and I used to rabbit hunt together a lot.  When I got interested in coyote hunting, he told me "Al, if you want to hunt coyotes, learn to think like a coyote", advice that has served me well over the years.  I believe how and where you make your stands is of equal importance.

Thanks again for sharing with us.
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