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It's what's for dinner.


I had about a pound of venison sirloin mostly still frozen.
I cut it up into bite-sized pieces, coated them well with salt, and set it in the fridge. Salt seems to dry out the outside but keep the flavors in.
I always pick up the Greanddoughter from 2:45 to 3:30 depending on the day from school. The rest of the family pulls up at 4:15 like clockwork.
   They want DINNER ready to go then.
Anyway back to cooking. About noon I start. Today I made some French bread dough first and let it rise. French bread the large course texture is preferred so you don't let it rise first, punch down let rise again like table white bread and no milk or egg. just slap it together shape and set it aside to at least double in size. I let it go till it stops rising.
I coarsely chopped an onion to sauté. First I had some beef fat I chopped fine and browned with a stick of butter. Browned both well and did the onion then flour. I like it dark brown. Cooked with beef broth till nice and thick set it aside. The sirloin will be browned FAST when I get home then I'll dump the onion gravy on it, I did not have any Mushroom to mix in but it will be fine. heat it all up. It takes 15 minutes to cook the bread so it goes in as soon as I get home.
I'll boil up some egg noodles to go with it and More butter for the bread, hot from the oven. Some applesauce and a can of veggies.
   Most of the time they don't mind that there eating Bimbi for dinner.
They're on their own for dessert, Probably hit the candy cabinet.

Sounds good. :highclap:


I turn doe neck into stew meat. Thats darn near as good as sirloin. Sounds like a great meal was had by all!! Lake trout & Walleye here tonight.  :biggrin: :biggrin:

Good dinner for sure. My daughter won't eat even our home grown beef but loves venison.


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