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Venison summer sausage

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--- Quote from: FinsnFur on March 24, 2021, 07:52:56 PM ---I love venison sausage and venison burger. Pretty tough to beat  :eyebrow:

--- End quote ---

That it is. I'm out until this fall though.

 I have one pack of venison steak and one pack of burger left,  I think I'm going to finish it off in a big stew.

What time do we need to be there Nasty and should we bring a dish to pass?

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 One should always bring a dish to a stew fest  :wink:

msmith's summer sausage looks terriffic and I'll bet it tastes fabulous as well.  Good on you for making it yourself!

These days our extended family all go to a local meat cutting shop that makes sausage.  We cut up our own meat but it is easier and not a bad price to have them make our sausage.  We share at times when it comes to summer sausage and the like, to get the right size batch. They mix our meat with that from other people if it is less than 40 (?) lbs. so we do our hamburger and sausage grinds in even 40 lb. batches.  We know how our game was handled, and that it is clean.  Last Fall several of us saved frozen burger meat till the end of the season and took in a  big order.  When it was done we divvied it up and paid for the percentage each of us wanted.  Yep, with grown grandkids we we processed a lot of game meat last Fall.

 We did a majority of summer sausage, but some bratwurst that is excellent, some landjager, pepperoni, jerky and I have a custom 25 lb. batch of Thüringer sausage still not finished.  My wife loves Thuringer.  Her Dad liked it so it has memories plus she likes the taste and it is hard to find in stores. Hope she does not read this because it is a surprise.

I've been lazy and had the same shop grind our hamburger even though I have a grinder and like the way our home grind turns out.  Grandson Code got a good sized batch of breakfast sausage that we cook in patties and what I poached out of his stash was delish.

Mother Nature's only mistake was to produce Morel mushrooms in spring and venison tenderloin in the Fall...


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