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Bear lard for pie crust

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Rendered pure bear lard makes the best pie crusts IMO, and a lot of folks agree.  It is fabulous pastry shortening.  I am running low on bear lard, hoping somebody will kill a fat bear and let me render some lard from the fat. This is prime pie season:  apples just coming on, blueberries still loaded, peaches coming on, plums of several kinds, etc.   

My grandsons have killed two bears so far this season, which opened August 1, but neither had enough fat to bother with.  Both were youngish bears, probably putting more energy into growing than building up fat.  Both were tasty, one very tender, the other fairly tough.  Both were taken near timberline in sub-alpine patches of wild huckleberries.  Huckleberries/blueberries and corn fields seem to produce the tastiest bears.

I’ve got the word out to several hunters in our area.  Maybe should try to shoot one myself but my creaky old bod is not keen on all that entails. 

Ever try coon fat?  They are like mini bears  :biggrin:

Nope , no way. Bear grease is also good for wagon wheels. But I'll stick with Lucas Oil Red "N" Tacky Grease, :naughty:

Blueberry pie oh my.

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