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Started by HuntnCarve, July 23, 2009, 07:11:04 AM

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There is no easy way to say this, other than just saying it.  "Onecoyote" has been battling cancer. I am sure Danny would appreciate all of us keeping him in our prayers.  I have personally never met the man, or even spoken to him for that matter.  It doesn't mean that he has'nt touch my life?  The Predator Museum that he created, (now at FoxPro, Lewistown, PA) harbors calls that sort of define us as a group. It's a testament of a man's passion and love of the sport that he's seen fit to share with the rest of us.  It was brought to my attention that a couple of my calls were even placed there..The honor that brings to me personally, cannot be described.  My heartfelt "Thank you" seems trivial.
Danny, you will be in all our prayers.. We are blessed to have you here.  I hope you continue to share your legacy with all of us. 


Dave Paul


I'll get my end of the FNF prayer train chugging'.   Danny is the kind of fellow we all admire and respect. 
Al Prather
Foxpro Field Staff


Prayers sent for and awesome fella and his family.........


I agree with ya Dave. He's one of the greats, although you won't hear him say it. I've never spoken with him either, but I feel like I know him.  :wink:

Foxpro Staff Infection Free


Nope, I had no idea.....been a long long time since I heard anything from Danny. Sad news indeed.

Keep your chin up Danny B and know that it's not over till it's over. People beat this everyday. You got a big crowd pulling for ya pal, a crowd that'd probably span half way across the globe, with all predator hunters out there who have either spoke to, spent time with, or hunted with you in one way or another.
Your leaving a heck of a mark :wink:
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You can't kill 'em from the recliner!!


 Prayers sent.   :sad:   Never give up, never quit.  He can beat this thing. 

Hawks Feather

He has prayers from Ohio as well.


Carolina Coyote

Sorry to hear that Mr. ONECOYOTE has Cancer, I just lost a good friend that had Cancer that he had fought for probably 15 years and was fighting it the day he died, when he first found out he had Cancer he was down real bad and the Doctor told him that there was a lot of things they could do for him but he had to change his attitude and he told the Doctor "if you can do your part" I certainly can do something about the attitude, and he did he lived Life to the fullest right up until the end. God Bless "ONECOYOTE " AND KEEP FIGHTING. CC


I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and nice words. My case is a little different, I was sent home from the hospital and given about 3 months to live, that was 6 months ago. I have a good attitude that was never an issue and I am living my life the best I can.
By the way, part of that living is coming here to this forum. This is by far the best predator hunting forum I've ever been to. It's the best because of the people, you're all great......................Thank you and God bless.

Jerry Hunsley

Danny, I have never met you, but have corresponded with you. I am the "wiley one" . You have one of my calls in your muesuem. I am deeply sorry to hear about your sickness. You have a good outlook on things Danny. My heart and prayers are with you Danny. You have a lot of people out there praying for you and may God Bless you.


Danny, I have always enjoyed reading your posts!

Keep fighting bud...Your a true legend in my eyes..


Todd Rahm

Danny you keep right on living ever day to its fullist and enjoying what it is, that makes ya smile, and we'll keep the prayers coming.


Coyote Kate & I will be praying for ya. :wink:

I want to thank you for coming here & sharing w/ us your stories & pix. It's an honor!  ;yes; (I especially enjoyed the California Rigs :biggrin:)




RIP Russ,Blaine,Darrell


2014-15 TBC-- 11


Danny Batastini
March 5, 1943 - September 29, 2009
Rest in Peace

Danny will be missed by us all. Prayers sent to his family.



Quote from: CCP on September 30, 2009, 05:19:46 AM
Danny will be missed by us all. Prayers sent to his family.
Amen!  :sad:


Great guy, and will be sorely missed.  God blessed us all for allowing him to be on this earth.  One last howl for Onecoyote, owooooooooooooooooooooo
Al Prather
Foxpro Field Staff


You can't kill 'em from the recliner!!