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Browser poll

Started by FinsnFur, July 04, 2006, 11:51:09 AM

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After recently installing Firefox for a browser, I now run Internet Explorer AND Firefox for different applications.

I'm noticing a major difference in how each browser reads and displays a page.
Just curious as to which browser you might use, telling me which is more popular with our viewers.
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I like internet explorer but I use netscape most of the time
sometimes I that getting closer..... then it hits me

I had a personal conflict the other day, now I'm not speaking to myself.... I'm getting lonesome

I met the girl of my dreams, I was the man of her dreams too.....she used the term "nightmares" though.


I have my computers running Firefox. They seem to be more secure,although I have heard less and less problems from IE lately.

Still, I support the little man when I can.( Companies,that is.)

God bless the little man- Alan Jackson