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Wildlife Technology Electronic calls

Started by Dog Hawk, January 16, 2010, 12:45:21 PM

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Dog Hawk

Does anyone have any information about The Wildlife Technology E-callers.  I'm interested in making a purchase of a new e-caller and am considering on of the three units from that company.  Any input about those units or other callers would be appreciated.  Thanks for any input one may have. 


I have hunted with a fellow that had a WT. I will say the sound quality and volume is better than anything I have heard up to that date. Only thing I dont like about the WT is they have to put there sounds on it and the WT sounds are expensive. If you want to change sounds you have to ship it back to them and wait for it to get back to you. 

I have the FX5. It is ok and I can change the sounds myself.
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Never used one myself, but a couple guys here have I believe.
The only thing I know is they run some serious coin.
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If ya have a cabellas store nearby check out the bargin cave......great deals and nothing wrong with them....
they said some folks will buy them...hunt with them once and then return them....and they aint allowed to sell as new.....so you can get a couple of hundred dollars off.... :eyebrow:
I have seen $600 e-caller go for $400 $375  $350  quite a bit of savings.


I've never used a WT product but I understand that they are pretty good and the sounds are top notch. 

I have however had several Fox Pro's and I have never been dissapointed in them.  The sound library has really improved with the 24 bit stuff and with the CS24 that I'm running now I can't imagine things getting much better.  Check out this fellow for the WT stuff, he really knows the product and can probably help you out.  www.WildlifeCallers.com


I have heard from a reseller of Wildlife Technology calls will be programmable sometime in April.  As soon as they are I will be purchasing one.