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A Stupid ?

Started by nastygunz, April 16, 2020, 08:59:54 AM

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So I was recently asked, and in fact it’s a common question: “If you could only have one fly rod?”

That’s a stupid question really, because why the hell would you only have one fly rod? No money? Rob a bank; fly rods are important. 😈 :innocentwhistle:


They're "essential" [emoji23]
Actually I don't own one. lol

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Hawks Feather

A better question might be, why do I have 5 fly rods and have never taken any of them fishing 🐠?  Don't answer that question.

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Interesting responses🕵


I don't have a favorite fly rod either nasty!!  :yoyo: :yoyo:

:confused:  Come to think of it I don't have a fly rod. You s'pose that's why?  :shrug: :shrug:

:laf: :laf:

RIP Russ,Blaine,Darrell


2014-15 TBC-- 11


I was flyfishing the Spring River just below the 63 bridge with a friend from the area. We were catching fish on almost every other cast and having a great time.
All the sudden, I noticed a funeral procession passing over the bridge. As the hearse passed, my friend stopped fishing, held his flyrod at attention, faced the
highway, and held his Orvis hat over his heart. I felt obligated to do the same.

After the procession passed, my friend continued to cast and I commented that it was a very kind gesture of him to stop fishing and give respect to the dead.

"Yeah, it's the least I could do," he said in the middle of a backcast. "Afer all, I was married to her for 47 years..." :innocentwhistle: :wink:


Well, I had only one fly rod for about 20 years while we lived in the middle of some of the world's best fly fishing.  It was a fiberglass 9 foot 7 weight with a cheap level line on it.  It caught a truckload of fish and then when I upgraded my son caught sacks of fish with it.  He probably still has it.  I bought it for $5 off of a basement sale table in the posh town of Banff.

At the wonderful White Elephant sporting goods store in Spokane in the late 80's I bought my first graphite fly rod, a 9" nine weight for salmon but caught a lot of trout on it, and my first double tapered line.  Now I have an ancient spin/fly rod that has backpacked over a thousand miles and caught more fish, an 8 weight for salmon and pike, and a four piece graphite sweet 9 foot 6 weight for trout.  And I've moved away from the best fly fishing and don't think I fly fished once last year.

Old guys have gear, young guys go fishing.  :huh: :wo:


Fiberglass has made a huge come back!


I have half dozen fly rods. Three are bamboo and sixty to seventy years old, possibly older. Learned how to fish for trout with them. They were my dad's and I believe he got them from his step father.


 I have a bamboo flyrod it was my grandfathers. When it got passed to me it still had fish scales on the handle. I take it out and fish it and think about him and hope he's looking down watchIng !