Anyone looking for a small side gig?

Started by FinsnFur, December 22, 2022, 09:21:52 AM

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I dont know if anyone here knows Mike K. He's a long time friend of CCP, (Rich Baxter) and myself. He lives down in Alabama and you will struggle to find someone more down to earth, genuine and honest. Typical southern hospitality.

Anyway, he built a decoy accessory business a while back called Easy Tree Products and is looking to relinquish ownership as he has ran out time managing it, etc. It's basically a lightweight, snap together tree for duck and dove decoys. I dont know if he is looking to sell out right, or royalties, or what. That would have to be discussed with him.
If I remember right, MoJo Outdoors wanted to buy him out a while back and due to an unbusiness like approach to it all he refused.
Anyway, here's the site we built for him. Wish we had better picture quality. His phone number is there if anyone is interested. I told him I'd put the word out.
Or his email is mikek104 (AT)
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I don't hunt anymore but I'll surely pass this along to all my friends who still do. 
When they come for mine they better bring theirs


I wouldn't mind one of those for a pigeon and crow hunting.