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Buffalo Howler

Started by Rich, May 06, 2009, 03:00:59 PM

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This buffalo horn howler measures 9" in length when measured in a straight line, and is 3" wide across front of the horn. Howler has been buffed to a higher polish than my usual buffalo howlers. It produces realistic coyote howls, yips,  distress ki-yi's of both adult and pup coyotes. The howls have no pitch breaks at all,and howls of coyotes either young or old can be reproduced with this howler. Like all Cronk calls,this one comes with extra reed and extra retainer band. One hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. This will be a standard 5 day auction, and bidding starts at 39.00.

Foxpro Field staff

Hawks Feather

$45 to get it started.



It looks like HawkFeather has won this auction, and is the new owner of a dandy buffalo horn howler.
Foxpro Field staff

Hawks Feather

Thanks Rich and thanks to the others who didn't bid so I could get it.  I have several of Rich's calls and they are excellent.  This on will be going on the collector shelf next to one that (I think) is just a little smaller.

Thanks again,



Oh sure!...Jerry locked this thread until after the auction, now I can reply.
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Hawks Feather

Oh, now you figure it out.   :roflmao:


I wondered why my reply button didn't work.   :confused:


Good score Jerry :yoyo:


Good buy Sir  :highclap:  Dang work is getting in my road.
I say what I think not think what I say.

Todd Rahm

Nice grab Jerry. I intended to watch this one but forgot about it.  :doh2: