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LBL Calls for 2021

Started by Orion, January 06, 2021, 10:41:05 AM

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Great to see so many able to attend this years event.  I have calls that were made for another event that was cancelled that I will use for LBL 2021.  They are Blue/Gray laminated Mini Open reed calls. Wood body is 2" tall. Great distress sounds and Loud when you need it!  Decals should be ready this week.  Calls will be $15 each and if you are unable to attend I will ship for an additional $3 (send PM).  Sorry I am unable to post a picture of the Calls.  I will send a few other ORION Calls, open reed, closed reed, howler, double/double and muzzle brake calls that will sell at a discount price between $15-$20 each.

Once again a big thanks to coyote101 for handling the logistics and getting the calls to the event.

Thanks - Doug
Call for the Hunter