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Hot salmon fishing yesterday

Started by Okanagan, July 09, 2022, 12:40:57 PM

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Three of us in the boat, steady hooking fish till a half hour at mid-morning when we had many double hook-ups and one triple.  I netted my own salmon in that rodeo.

Mostly small fish but one 17 lb. and many small Coho salmon coming in now.  We can keep one Coho plus one Chinook/king so I kept a 3 1/2 lb. Coho plus my one king a smidge under 9 lbs.  I lost a strong, heavy fish at the boat that was in the high teens for weight. 

Legal barbless hooks on a lead jig are a recipe for losing fish, and we did, losing more than we landed.  I landed 8-9 fish and the others that many or more. 

Only photos I took are grill pics posted in the Betty Crocker section!


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A barbless hook on any kind of weighted lure is double trouble IMO, because the fish has some weight right at the hook to sling around.  IME when it comes to flies, a barbless hook makes no difference, or very little.  There is no weight to the fly for the fish to sling around and maybe loosen the hook.

Can't really complain this summer, because we are catching lots of fish.

 My son went out with the cousins yesterday and brought home a 13 pounder, plus released a wild one (still had its adipose fin unclipped) about the same size.  They caught and released our biggest fish of the year, a wild one the salmon gurus estimated to be 27 lbs.


it makes you wonder what creates more damage, six fish hooked and lost with a barbless hook or one fish hooked and caught with a barbed hook?