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Slim pickens

Started by 1snafu, May 04, 2023, 08:43:47 AM

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The last few years has been dismal to say the least. I only seen 6 coyotes after spending most every day hunting. Not many yrs ago I would see anywhere from in the 40's to 60's coyotes per season. The bright side after visiting with my Doc one day. He shown me a few pics of a pretty fresh lion track(I want me a lion so bad, my uterus aches  :biggrin: ). He found while pheasant hunting not far from the river.

Of course I was not aware of his discovery. Until around 6wks later. After hunting that same area as he did on the following wks. I did find another lion track but it was moderately melted. (I plan to kick ole Santa in the beans. Next time I see him). For throwing in some warm days during mid Winter (WTH?).

Anyway, hunting is what it is.


We ordered those warm days. Quite upset that they got back ordered, but yeah were guilty. :biggrin:
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